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Available courses 2015

Here you'll find which courses have room for more students. The site may not always be updated, so if you want to do a course which seems full, contact us on info@skydivevoss.no and we will check for a slot!

Want to learn how to skydive?

Do you want to make the dream of skydiving come true? Sign up for one of our ground courses and become a skydiver. Come and play in the worlds largest playground!

AFF skydiving course - Now including windtunnel!

AFF course is the fastest way to become a skydiver. If you choose our weekly course you will by an independent skydiver in five days. Our courses starts Friday at 9 p.m. and your skydiving career can begin.

If you do your course with Skydive Voss, you also get tunneltime!!! This was integrated in the education from 2012 and gives you as a student fewer repeat jumps (jumps not approved) due to your free fall experience already before entering the aircraft...:–) (http:⁄⁄www.vossvind.no)

Article about AFF-course

Tori Pedersen participated on an AFF course in May and has written an article about this in Aftenbladet

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